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Northern Pixels

July 18, 2011


Why Northern Pixels?
For centuries explorers have used the Northern Pole Star – Polaris – for navigation on their journeys. Today, pixels combine to create the foundation of the contemporary Web & Mobile experience we live every day. These pixels become our primary connection with our favorite brands. Northern Pixels develops strategies that guide customers to your brand, and keep customers loyal to your brand.

Mobile App Strategy:
Demonstrated experience developing and launching sophisticated B2B Mobile App business strategies with world leading wireless carriers & smartphone brands. App launched with AT&T quickly became top selling business solution.

Product Launches, Reviews and Awards:
Multiple award winning product launches, successful product reviews in industry leading publications with direct impact on lead generation and sales.

Corporate and Product Marketing Strategy:
Track record of developing traditional and mobile business strategies to engage customers into an immersive brand experience.

Mark Scott, CEO


Mobile: 514.402.0272

Inspiration – Family: Spending time with my wife and kids reminds me to take time to breathe…

July 15, 2011

Riding the to the top of the Le Massif on a day with lots of fresh snow

Inspiration – Sailing: Idem sailboats racing on Upper St Regis Lake – The Adirondacks, NY

July 1, 2011

Some of what inspires me – Sailing:
Ever since the day I kayaked on Upper St. Regis and witnessed Idem sailboats racing across the lake, I’ve been a fan of the class. Spectacular design, and old world class.┬áCommissioned in 1899, specifically for use on Upper St Regis lake, only 12 were built. They still race today. Any classic sail fan must see it live to appreciate it.

Inspiration – Art: Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim

June 20, 2011

Couldn’t choose a better location for an arrangement of 128 different pieces of work. Proves that art can be unconventional and still fun.
Thanks to Alvaro for inviting me!

Inspiration – Architecture: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor and boss during the early years

July 20, 2010

Few things are as inspiring to me as the early American “Tall Buildings”. The design and details are beautiful and timeless. Frank Lloyd Wright, for a short period, worked for Louis Sullivan and referred to him as “The Master”.
This is the Guaranty building in Buffalo, NY.