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Bringing AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft together for a business App launch

May 15, 2012

Expecting to attract attention to your App launch? What’s your strategy?

Business Apps are a powerful and crucial ingredient for the future success of world leading mobile carriers, smartphone companies and even desktop operating systems.

While the Mobile network and smart device provide the platform for mobilizing business – the App maximizes the value and performance of the overall system. Understanding the complementary business relationship between these brands, and how the developer’s App adds value to these products and services, is the foundation of identifying valuable co-marketing relationships.

Co-marketing converts technology selling to solution selling, and businesses understand solutions…

A real life example:

ProntoForms, now an AT&T best selling business App, is launching its new Windows Phone OS App. How did we maximize awareness of the launch within the sales channels and with prospect customers? Bring together world leading brand partners for a collaborative launch. Motivation? Each partner has a strong interest in the growing success of the solution on this platform.

The partners include, AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft. Here’s what they had to say about the launch:

“ProntoForms from AT&T is one of our most popular mobile applications for businesses,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business and Home Solutions. “The easy to use, yet highly scalable functionality of the application has been of interest to many different types of companies, from one person in operations using it for construction project cost estimates to large enterprises using it for facility management inspections, merchandising audits and insurance adjustments.”

“Nokia is proud to work with ProntoForms, a leader in the mobile data collection and workflow solutions space. The ProntoForms application truly takes advantage of the powerful device and operating system featured in our Windows Phone portfolio of smartphones,” stated Purnima Kochikar, Vice President, Business, Nokia.

“We’re excited about the release of ProntoForms for Windows Phone. This is the result of a collaborative relationship that, ultimately, brings strong value to our business customers. ProntoForms harnesses the power and productivity of Windows Phone, Nokia and AT&T to mobilize business in the field,” stated Eugene Ho, General Manager at Windows Phone Division, Microsoft.

Visit the partner page here

Read the press release here

Our App crosses the pond. We’re now launched in the UK with o2/Telefonica

April 23, 2012


How do you capture new Mobile App business customers in new countries?

It starts with the App stores… but it takes more to the marketing & sales mix to meet global growth objectives. Mobile Business Apps require a sophisticated and multi-tier positioning and sales strategy to become global top players.

It’s the greater mobile business App marketing plan, more precisely what you do to complement the App store marketing that makes the difference between winning and losing Apps. The App stores are crucial because they provide a global reach into world markets – literally put your App in the hands of customers at the push of a button. Anyone in the business knows the players. Three App stores lead the pack; Google Play is a great vehicle to promote your Droid App, the Apple App Store has great traffic and reasonable sales reporting abilities, and now, the Windows App Hub is becoming more popular due to the AT&T / Nokia Windows Phone launch which is rapidly is picking up steam.

Positioning and marketing your solution properly is key to ensuring your App can be found in the store. Want a simple, but effective tip to boost downloads? Ensure your App is listed in the top 5 in your master category, this puts you in the golden “above the fold” on a smartphone. These “above the fold” Apps get downloaded more than their competitors, but getting there just doesn’t happen… With the proper App name, description, metadata strategy, reviews and screen shots… your App too can get above the fold.

As mentioned, although the App stores are crucially important to success, they are just one component of a business mobility marketing and sales strategy you need to deploy. The growing sales and marketing channels that complement and fuel Mobile Business App buyers or subscribers are changing – mobile carriers are now playing a leading role. If your App is more is a comprehensive business service, a carrier just might be the reseller of choice.

O2, part of the Telefonica family, is the newest reseller of ProntoForms, and they are utilizing our mobile business App go to market program.

Visit the o2 Web page here

Toshiba Business Solutions uses our business App to improve team productivity

April 10, 2012


Resetting your processes.

With added success brings added challenges. This is especially true for Toshiba America Business Solutions. One of the most recognizable company names in the world, Toshiba is a global company serving many sectors.

One Toshiba division of note is the Electronic Imaging Di- vision (EID). Comprised of 2500 strong members, including field representatives across North America, Professional Services employees in this Toshiba division carry out mobile assessments on location at businesses and organizations, advising them on their current usage of various in-house electronic and imaging devices. Large enterprises and various business subsidiaries benefit immensely from the electronic expertise and recommendations that Toshiba Professional Services personnel provide.

While business is great for Toshiba’s EID, its management team knew there was room for improvement.

“We were using paper forms in our mobile assessments and thought that there had to be a better way to process collected data and improve results,” says Matthew Bull, Man- ager of Solutions Design and Implementation for Toshiba’s Professional Services group.

Recording the location of printing and other devices through- out the premises of a business, examining floor plans and other data, this was all information that was traditionally entered into paper forms. The process of transferring this collected information and subsequently entering it into the back office system was not very efficient.

Bull and his team decided to implement ProntoForms, a mo- bile forms application and solution that works on any major smartphone or tablet and with popular cloud computing services. ProntoForms also ties in to any back office system.

Deploying ProntoForms in the field on Toshiba tablets, Toshiba was able to significantly cut down on processing lag time. Bull and his team have taken advantage of ProntoForms features such as lookup and geo-stamp, to name a couple.

“ProntoForms has helped our division tremendously in consolidating processes. In fact, we now have company people refusing to use paper forms.”

As for the future, Bull is intrigued by the cloud computing options with which ProntoForms is compatible, including Google Docs.

Read the full case study here

Connecting businesses with the right smartphone and App for the job

March 27, 2012


The pen is mightier… with the form!

Samsung was launching the Galaxy Note in Q1 2012 with AT&T. Samsung and AT&T were looking for the ultimate business App that would take full advantage of the device platform and showcase all of its innovative features – including the new large screen and S pen. Enter ProntoForms, the full business App solution for a broad cross section of different business verticals. Scan bar codes, capture signatures, Geo stamp form submissions, add photos to forms… a veritable business test track for the Note.

The kick off TV commercial was aired during the Super Bowl, and the Galaxy Note was offered for pre-order on AT&T’s web site – featuring only one business App solution – ProntoForms.

This is a great example of bringing together business partners to package new and innovative business mobility solutions. To visit the portal page and learn more about the AT&T, Samsung and ProntoForms click  here

Apple @Work – ProntoForms now featured on Apple’s Web as leading business solution

March 12, 2012


Create forms and capture information – read the story on here

iPad simplifies all your business-critical tasks, whether it’s managing inventory, tracking shipments, or invoicing clients. With iPad and apps from the App Store, get equipped with ready-to-go solutions to keep your operations on course. Learn more about the ways iPad can streamline essential business tasks wherever you are.

Forget paper and a clipboard when you want to capture customer data at events or notes from field inspections. ProntoForms provides a range of templates, from expense reports to facility maintenance inspections—or create your own to capture precisely the information you need. Lead capture and follow-up are easy with ProntoForms because you no longer have to worry about transferring illegible handwriting to

your CRM database. Instead, customers can enter their information right on iPad with ProntoForms, and it gets uploaded to your database. ProntoForms eliminates a mobile worker’s need to carry stacks of loose paper and folders—everything they need is on iPad. Any information collected can be sent back to the office via ProntoForms Connector.

Create forms and capture information – read the story on here