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Panasonic Toughpad and mobile business apps – Productivity on the go.

Our latest white paper. Special thanks to Antoine Jothy (creative) and Matthew Ross (co-author) – great team effort.

Excerpt from the White Paper – read the full white paper here


We are in the midst of the age of business consumerization, where advancements in mobile technology and the proliferation of consumer applications have forever changed how businesses view their workflows and processes. It seems that there’s an App for everything these days, including for every type of in-the-field business purpose and requirement.

As more and more companies seek to take advantage of the game-changing mobile devices, cloud services and aforementioned business applications that steadily hit the marketplace, the needs and expectations of mobile workers continue to change. As the speed of business goes, so do the necessities of mobile business.

This consumerization of enterprise-supporting mobile technology is pushing big business into spaces it has never been. Gone are the days of in-house only technological solutions. Today’s CIO now has many packaged yet customized choices to consider, when adding to his/her solution arsenal.

Moreover, with the increased possibilities for today’s devices and applications in the field, mobile workers are daring to apply these new technologies to industries that were traditionally never before thought of as consumer device compatible. In other words, mobile devices are boldly going where they’ve never gone before.

However, as businesses began pushing the mobile technology envelope in the field, the need for a high-performing yet durable device arose. Since consumer type devices were never intended for the most rugged of job sites, certain limitations and fears crept in.

Thus, as the risk of devices breaking, falling or losing connectivity rises, the effectiveness and ROI of deployed consumer type devices and Apps falls. The more rugged the industry, the less viable and effective consumer type devices become.

Enter the Panasonic Toughpad tablet. Specifically designed and geared to excel in the most rugged, adverse job settings, the Toughpad was created with the most challenging enterprise, government and institution worker conditions in mind. The Toughpad is the most complete rugged mobile device ever built. It is single-handedly allowing companies in rugged industries to go mobile where they previously would not dare.

The combination of the ProntoForms application and platform, teamed with the Panasonic Toughpad tablet, is a prime example of the capability of today’s mobile technology for business. When you deploy a mobile form App that can collect data and real-time send it back to the office, on a user-friendly device that can operate under adverse conditions, the potential for becoming more efficient and productive in the field is almost limitless.

Simply put, mobile technology’s biggest contribution is in helping companies to go paperless and to digitize workflows and processes.

Excerpt from the White Paper – read the full white here

White Paper: Panasonic Toughpad

September 27, 2013

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