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Samsung Mobility White Paper – Mobilize your paper business process

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My team and I, (thanks Matthew Ross and Antoine Jothy), produced this business mobility White Paper with Samsung to document how business challenges are being resolved by mobile devices, Apps & cloud services. It also documents how businesses are now creatively intertwining Social Media into their business workflow for real-time data sharing.

Excerpt from the White Paper – read the full White Paper here:

With Facebook reaching a billion users in August 2012 (iCrossing) and Twitter surpassing 500 million users in February 2012 (Media Bistro), it’s clear that the majority of the workforce is very comfortable utilizing these two social media platforms.

As it pertains to the use of social media, mobile business solutions are now incorporating more connectivity options with these platforms. In the case of ProntoForms, the mobile solution lets users rely on Facebook and Twitter (as well as conventional email) as a team notification service for various field updates and data submissions, right to and from any mobile device.

“Twitter is a part of our team notification process and it has really enabled us to turn around and rent out our equipment faster, sometimes as much as seven days quicker,” says J.P. MClain, Product Sales and Support Manager for the half-century old ROMCO Equipment Company in Texas.

After undergoing an audit of its processes, ROMCO, sellers and renters of heavy construction equipment, decided to implement ProtoForms and deployed Samsung Galaxy tablets at each of its eight locations.

“We used a few other tablets when we started with ProntoForms. There is no comparison to what we currently use the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The speed is second to none.”

MClain and his team are using the Samsung Tab with ProntoForms to inspect heavy machines and have also been impressed by the Tab’s ability to easily connect and report.

Using a private Twitter setup and ProntoForms together has seen an in- crease in the speed and quality of communication between all eight ROMCO sites. Collectively, all locations have never been on the same page as effectively as they are today.

Read the full White Paper here


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