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Mobilizing business with Apple – Powerful applications that improve field reporting

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Excerpt from the White Paper – read the full white paper here

Applications are changing the game

Mobile applications must either serve a specific business purpose or be high performance in order to make the grade with any business team. Firms can certainly make use of an Apple App such as Find My iPhone, ensuring that companies safeguard their mobile assets and always know their whereabouts.

But for high business performance, an App must be user-friendly, process information and tasks in a speedy fashion, and have two-way connectivity with the office.

Such are the characteristics of ProntoForms, a mobile application known for the variety of tasks it can accomplish. While its name suggests a concentration on efficient form usage, it’s the robust nature of these customizable forms that makes the mobile business solution unique.

An important non-profit organization in Des Moines, Iowa, the transportation services of Link Associates are a vital part of the everyday lives of the families that it serves. With roughly 1,200 individuals that count heavily on Link associates, Fleet and Facilities Director Jim Wilkie wanted to tighten up its processes and better serve its clientele. He instituted ProntoForms on iPhone devices in the field and it has been a tremendous upgrade in how the organization goes about its business.

“We have roughly 7,000 trips a month to document and invoice on, so we were looking to simplify the process. ProntoForms has saved us up to 40 hours in labor a month. Before using ProntoForms, we were employing additional office staff to go through paper billing and enter the data electronically.”

Excerpt from the White Paper – read the full white paper here


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