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AT&T White Paper – Mobile business solutions deliver profits and productivity

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The following White Paper was developed for AT&T for Mobile Application Marketing and Sales.

Introduction – read the full AT&T Mobility Application white paper here

On an ongoing basis, companies continue to wrestle with the constantly evolving practices and new technological pace of today’s global and local business landscapes. This elevated technological pace is being driven by three powerful business game-changers – Mobile Devices (tablets and smartphones), Cloud Services, and now a relatively new phenomenon, Mobile Business Applications.

Together, these elements have ushered in the age of digital-only business workflows, rendering paper-driven practices nearly obsolete. Reducing administration costs and man hours associated with transcribing paper reporting into back office systems has helped businesses become leaner and more efficient.

Smartphone and tablet hardware capabilities have grown leaps and bounds over the last few years, enabling businesses to utilize mobile devices for more and more company activities. Advances in smartphone and tablet hardware have dramatically improved mobile usability, as it relates to speed, tools, data processing and storage, allowing for the age of digital-only business to truly take shape.

Cloud services have also advanced the digital workflow movement, letting workers in the field store, access and share large amounts of data and work-related documents. Synchronizing company data with several de- vices has proven to be a real time-saver and leg up for businesses practicing good cloud management. It’s made firms with mobile workers lighter, increasingly agile and more cohesive as a team. Now more than ever, thanks in large part to cloud services, having workers in the field no longer slows down team collaboration.

Concurrent with advances in mobile device hardware and cloud services, has been the absolute explosion in consumer application development across multiple platforms, particularly on Android and Apple OS platforms. Produced for the masses, these Apps have made consumers’ lives simpler and more convenient.

However, there are limitations as to what most consumer Apps can do. Consequently, the mobile business application market has now seen its own share of incredible growth. More sophisticated and designed to handle SMB and Enterprise needs, business mobile applications are capturing the imagination of business and technology managers alike. Mobile business applications are changing how companies think about their processes, including the integration of and customized connectivity to cloud services.

The main challenge for companies is to find business Apps that can handle more than just individual users or uses. Rather, business Apps must support multiple groups (teams), be secure, fully manageable, and capable of adapting to company growth, while not losing the simplicity and power that have made personal mobile Apps a part of our everyday lives. We now operate in a near limitless mobile business environment, where workers are no longer chained to their desktops – or even their laptops.

Chief among these powerful new business Apps is the ProntoForms solution.More than a simple App, ProntoForms is a business workflow solution, able to dispatch office data to and collect data from the field, as well as connect to back office systems and route data to and or through cloud services.

Further evidence of increased business digital workflow on the go is aplenty. For example, research firm TechnoMetrica’s 2011 findings revealed that nearly 50 percent of small businesses use smartphones as part of their processes. Moreover, according to Morgan Stanley Research, sales of smartphones are expected to exceed those of PCs in 2012. Both research results only confirm the increasing business role that Mobile Device Hard- ware, Cloud Services and Applications are going to continue to play – and how ProntoForms is well positioned to continue to be a leading mobile business solution.

Read the full AT&T Mobility Application white paper here

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