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Custom Branded Experience with our Packaged Business App

December 8, 2014


Custom Branding: Our Solution Becomes Your Solution. Learn more.

World Oil 2014 Technology Awards – Proud to have our product nominated as best Mobile Business App

September 30, 2014


ProntoForms plays key role in Shell’s World Oil Awards Nomination for Best Data Management and Application Solution

ProntoForms Corporation maker of leading mobile form solution ProntoForms, is proud to be a part of Shell’s World Oil Awards nomination, in the category of Best Data Management Application Solution. Along with cloud storage solution Box, ProntoForms collaborated to better mobilize health and safety business processes, and improve critical field data collection. The winner will be announced October 16th in Houston, Texas.

Check out the event details:

New Mobile Forms Solution launched by AT&T based on the ProntoForms Platform

August 21, 2014


ProntoForms Corporation announced today that AT&T has launched a new offering based on the ProntoForms business process solution.

Working closely with ProntoForms, AT&T recently launched AT&T Mobile Forms, which enables businesses of all sizes with mobile workforces to update and transfer time-sensitive materials from a mobile device, such as inspection forms, work orders, sales order and timesheets. Companies can electronically process real-time records to avoid reporting mistakes and to more effectively manage their field teams.
The new private-labeled AT&T solution is based on the ProntoForms platform, a proven business application that thousands of customers are currently using to speed up processes and cut operational costs via intuitive data collection and submission with smartphones and tablets.

For more information on AT&T Mobile Forms, visit

Mobile data management has never been more effective

June 10, 2014


Mobile devices are powering data collection like never before, with device manufacturers continuously rolling out new features and capabilities. On the smartphone and tablet business application front, mobile solutions like ProntoForms are also perennially developing, regularly churning out SaaS product updates and upgrades.

This mix of device and App has opened up a world of data management possibilities.

As a leading (Frost and Sullivan winner) mobile form solution with over 2,500 business customers deployed, ProntoForms realized long ago that it’s not just about collecting mobile data quickly and easily in the field. It’s also about data management once information has been collected.

Where and who do I send the data to?

What formats can I extract this data in?

How do I dig deeper and gain more insight from this data?

So while some digital form solutions will market the ease with which data can be collected, they aren’t always offering complete and versatile data management options as well.

In terms of the ProntoForms data management following its collection on mobile devices, we offer the most data connectivity options in the industry.

It’s about giving field users fast access to instantly send collected data to destinations such as Amazon S3, Office 365 and SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and much, much more.

In addition, the ProntoForms REST API facilitates full data integration with any back office system (ex. SAP, Oracle). In short, this allows a business to truly integrate mobile form data with your business.

Finally, it isn’t enough to simply integrate collected mobile data with a business. What about making sense of all of this data and having the ability to extract key insights and opportunities, not to mention be able to forecast potential challenges.

This is where ProntoForms Analytics can help. A must for large enterprises with many field users, ProntoForms Analytics is a powerful cloud based Business Intelligence tool that can greatly impact data management and an organization’s understanding of its business processes.

From revealing lucrative business trends and truths to ensuring compliance and auditability, ProntoForms Analytics can be a real game-changer for an enterprise.

Indeed, data management has come a long way in the last few years. For our part, ProntoForms is proud to be leading the charge in helping businesses harness every single number and piece of data for the organizational greater good – and the bottom line.

Unilever Distributor Development Manager highlights ProntoForms at CITE Conference 2014

May 2, 2014

On the final day of the 2014 CITE Conference, the benefits of the ProntoForms mobile form solution were highlighted by Unilever Distributor Development Manager Dharmesh Vadchhedia.

Speaking at the mobile IT focused event, Vadchhedia, working in Unilever’s ever popular ice cream division, talked about the deployment of ProntoForms helped to raise Unilever productivity by moving away from paper dependent processes.

ProntoForms at CITE Conference 2014

Vadchhedia also talked about the importance for organizations to trust resources
outside the company. He touted the consumerization of IT and today’s advanced mobile application capabilitiesas key reasons why organizations must explore third party vendor solutions.

For Vadchhedia, the focus of companies like Unilever should be on delivering the best products possible, and not on creating in-house business process solutions. As part of his initial vendor mobile solution research, Vadchhedia examined several applications and decided that ProntoForms was the answer for his company’s business processes. For him, it was important that the solution of choice be multi-featured, flexible and offer many data connectivity options.

ProntoForms is honored to have been mentioned in Dharmesh Vadchhedia’s CITE Conference presentation, and to count Unilever as an enterprise business customers.


New Apple Video prominently features the ProntoForms solution

March 17, 2014



Watch the TGM Apple video

ProntoForms is pleased to be featured in a new Apple iPad in Business video that showcases how mobile devices can speed up business processes. The video profiles TGM Ltd., a commercial roof and drainage maintenance firm in the UK. The ProntoForms application helped TGM to eliminate high volumes of paper forms in the field, putting all forms, including ISO documents, on Apple iPads for field workers. As a result, TGM has raised business process productivity.

“We use ProntoForms that have replaced all of our paper forms in a digital format,” explained one TGM manager in the Apple business profile.

“ProntoForms is proud to have been chosen as one of the feature mobile solutions in this influential Apple video. It underscores our position as market leaders and it accurately portrays just how effective and simple it is to deploy ProntoForms on mobile devices to improve any business process,” said Alvaro Pombo, ProntoForms CEO and Founder.

Watch the TGM Apple video


Ingersoll Rand saves thousands a year with our business App – ProntoForms

January 31, 2014


Ingersoll Rand, a well known UK firm that manages 14,000 assets, decided to implement ProntoForms mobile forms into its business processes to improve productivity and save on operational costs. The results have been astounding.

According to UK firm ILG Business, Ingersoll Rand is saving £48,818 a year with ProntoForms. In U.S. dollar terms, that’s over $75,000 a year!

Ingersoll Rand has completely eliminated the manual data entry component of its business processes, while giving its over 60 engineers on the go a more streamlined way of collecting and reporting on their field work.

Currently, Ingersoll Rand is deploying several types of mobile forms from ProntoForms.

To check out the full Ingersoll Rand ProntoForms case study, click here.

Our Business App, ProntoForms, wins Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership

January 10, 2014



Today, Frost & Sullivan announced that ProntoForms has been recognized with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award for Mobile Forms. This best practices validation is a testament to the tremendous success that ProntoForms has had in mobilizing business processes, both big and small.

It’s a statement

The prestigious award win lets the business world know that mobile forms can play an integral role in speeding up workflows and saving on operation costs, and that ProntoForms is the premiere mobile form option.

“We’re honored to receive this award. It acknowledges the size and opportunity of the mobile forms market, and identifies mobile forms as a real solution to automate any size business process. This distinction also recognizes the simplicity of the ProntoForms product as a key contributor to our status as market leader,” said Alvaro Pombo, ProntoForms CEO and Founder.

In their own words

“ProntoForms is designed to be quickly understood and easily utilized by both the service workers in the field and the administrators who actually design the forms needed by their companies. The number of clicks required to achieve a function are kept to a minimum,” said Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Jeanine Sterling.

“In a unique approach, the user’s vertical industry is identified during the trial registration process and ProntoForms auto loads forms relevant to that industry. As a result, the customer receives a more ‘customized’ trial experience, which quickly increases the perceived value of the mobile forms.”

The criteria

According to Frost & Sullivan, this award won by ProntoForms is presented annually to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers and improve the ROI from their product or service.

Five Mobile App Questions Board Members Should Ask The CIO

October 11, 2013




Introduction to my article published in Forbes – October 9, 2013 & The Chicago Tribune October 10, 2013. Read the full article here

Written by Mark Scott, CEO of Northern Pixels

When it comes to implementing technology solutions within an enterprise, the CIO is the authority on the matter; however board members need to sometimes test just how solid the CIO’s plan really is.

As it relates to significant mobile technology cost expenditures, board members of a corporation should ask questions and take an interest in the process. There’s nothing wrong with healthy discourse. After all, the CIO should be prepared to defend his/her decisions.

With that being said, here are five mobile app questions that board members should ask the CIO.

1. Which business processes are of highest priority for transitioning to mobile devices and apps?

Enterprises can have hundreds, sometimes thousands of business processes, some with a higher potential for saving on productivity and cost-saving than others. How is the CIO prioritizing which business process will be mobilized first? In other words, what’s the plan and what business data is it based on.

Moreover, unbeknownst to the CIO, sometimes business process owners have already taken it upon themselves and implemented mobile solutions. It’s important that the CIO know and understand these ground-up mobile initiatives, identify what can be learned “from the trenches” and find out just how these actions will impact future company decisions – good or bad.

2. Where is the CIO choosing custom mobile solutions or packaged mobile solutions, and why?

Custom App builds are frequently required in business, such as a customer-facing branded app. However, today the majority of field business processes for data collection and dispatching can be handled by off-the-shelf mobile solutions.

Considering the complexity and variety of device operating systems, and factoring in multiple screen sizes and functionality, if a custom build is still being undertaken, what is the business case for replicating the capabilities of an available off-the-shelf mobile solution?

Furthermore, it’s perfectly legitimate to raise the track record of the enterprise in developing, releasing and maintaining custom solutions. What have been the associated costs in past custom developments? Is there a track record of employees adopting and using these custom solutions?

3. How are we using SaaS solutions to extend our mobile employees?

Complimentary external solutions can play a significant role in mobilizing employees and ensuring that enterprises are getting the most out of their employees in the field. Inform yourself as to what SaaS solutions the enterprise is commonly using today. Salesforce is a broadly used example, but multiple cloud solutions are creeping into every department within the enterprise.

Ask what the strategy is to connect and leverage SaaS solutions to the mobile strategy to improve business processes. Again, try and learn what you can from business process owners who have deployed “non-sanctioned” solutions to improve their department’s business productivity, and where they should fit in the new mobile strategy.

4. How will the new deluge of mobile data be used to improve the business?

The more mobile we go, the more data we generate. With the new deluge of mobile data coming into the enterprise, how will it be leveraged to improve productivity, and how will the data connect to the Enterprise analytics and CRM to improve business processes?

Moreover, what about all of the new rich data that mobile empowered employees will bring to the enterprise (photos, videos, bar & QR codes, customer signatures, GPS tagging, voice memos, etc.)? How will it be stored, searchable and valuable, versus causing a case of useless data bloat?

Introduction to my article published in Forbes – October 9, 2013 & The Chicago Tribune October 10, 2013. Read the full article here